Flashback To The Soviets & The Space Museum Tour

Flashback To The Soviets & The Space Museum Tour

The tour takes you back to the communist past of the city. Learn about the life of Muscovites: how they entertained themselves, what were the main holidays, why it was dangerous to go to the cinema at the noon time on a weekday and how the young trendies cooked “boiled jeans” at home. We will tell you about the different waves of the Soviet architecture and the brightest examples of it you will see in VDNKh park. It’s a unique exhibition complex which was opened in the 1939 to represent the achievements of the national economy. VDNH became the architectural laboratory where the best Soviet architects and engineers had been creating the new Soviet style. Between 1935-1954 there were built more than 200 pavilions and 54 of them are recognized the architectural monuments, amazing fountains, impressive entry gates and the famous monument of Vera Mukhina “The Worker and Collective Farmer”.


Visit the Museum of Cosmonautics to know about the father of the theoretical cosmonautics  K. Tsiolkovski who worked as a school teacher and became a self-taught scientist. In the museum you will see the original costumes of the first cosmonauts and their food, parts of the spaceships and first artificial satellite of the Earth “Sputnik-1”, see the original capsule in which the dogs Belka and Strelka flew to the space and came back to the Earth safe and sound in the 1960-th.

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Prices are “from”, per person based on group of 10 persons. Duration – 4 hours.

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